RETAILERS are able to input information from crimes occurring in their stores with information and alerts that are used to create mapping patters, investigations and identify fencing operations. The alerts and information received by this website also allows for retailers to be aware and prepared for the criminal teams to hit.


LAW ENFORCEMENT have access to provide retailers with information and alerts to assist in making immediate apprehensions and determining the patterns as criminals are committing offenses. The time sensitive reports allows retailers and law enforcement to make immediate apprehensions by tremendously cutting investigation times.


HISTORY:  In January 2011, the Retail Merchants of Hawaii and its retail member came together with law enforcement personnel to more efficiently and effectively prevent, investigate and prosecute criminals.  As a result the Hawaii Organized Retail Crime Alliance (HIORCA) was created in partnership.


In August 2011 the HIORCA Website was launched to give the law enforcement, retailers and RMH a secured member’s only website data base. 



  • National Retail Federation estimates in 2018 Organized Retail Crime losses totaled an estimated $
  • The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Foundation released a report on ORC that cited estimates that organized retail theft costs anywhere between $   billion and $   billion annually.  
  • Property Crimes Represent  % of All Crime Reported.
  • Property crime is an offense that impacts many citizens each year.  For the business community, crime is an economic development issue because of its impact on the economic well-being of its citizens and industry.  

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