Hawaii Organized Retail Crime Alliance is in partnership with the Retail Merchants of Hawaii, Hawaii Law Enforcement and the State Fusion Center.

HIROCA is a secured, members-only website database that provides alerts and information of current reporting of organized retail crime to law enforcement and members of the Retail Merchants Hawaii who are retailers or part of retail loss prevention.

HIORCA website and its mapping capabilities are focused on providing real-time criminal intelligence that will allow law enforcement and retailers the ability to identify and resolve cases that impact the "larger picture" or property related crimes.  

HIORCA operates like a business "crime watch" that allows stakeholders to communicate about criminal activity impacting their businesses on a real time basis. 

Retail partners use the system to alert each other about criminal incidents impacting their business or geographic area, in an effort to prevent other partners from being victimized.

Through this collaborative partnership, law enforcement and the business community are able to work together to develop new and innovative ways to combat illicit Organized Retail Crime (ORC) networks.  

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